Good morning all,

We have created this site in an attempt to create a database of all diseases affecting humans, with their known symptoms, characteristics and treatments.

This site does not make any diagnosis of your possible illnesses and will never replace your attending physician, it is a database only for any aim of knowledge.

For doctors and scientists who wish to help us develop this unique field of knowledge that we are trying to create, you can contact us through the contact page.

An exchange space has been created for you to chat with each other, as well as a bibliographical space.

Hopefully, this project will come to fruition one day.

If you want to participate, write and submit an article. There is no problem, suggest it!
Two conditions:
1- The site being free we do not pay for the article.
2- Be a Doctor and prove it.

In exchange, we will put your signature at the bottom of the article.

Philippe RECLUS Porteur du projet / Project leader