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it is a collection of pus due to a microbial infection located in an abnormal breast cavity. This cavity can result from the tissue destruction that the infection operates or preexist from it (cyst, dilation of a canal). In the first case, the abscess is preceded by an acute mastitis, in the second, it can occur suddenly.

Breast abscess is relatively common during breastfeeding. Its main sign is the appearance of a badly delimited ball, very painful spontaneously or under pressure. The breast of the breast is hot, red, in the direction of the armpit there is a network of more or less parallel lines, called lymphatics and due to the participation of the lymphatic vessels in the defense process. There is a moderate fever.

Warm compresses of boiled water with alcohol and aspirin can provide immediate relief. The doctor will usually set up an antibiotic treatment. He will judge the need for immediate surgery or medical surveillance for a few days.

When the inflammatory signs have disappeared, a serial assessment will be performed to look for the anomaly possibly responsible for the formation of this abscess.

Bibliography : De l'Abcès chronique du sein, par Victor Bardy– 26 avril 2017


Infectious arthritis is caused by the presence of a microbial germ in a joint. It most often manifests suddenly, with fever and signs of joint inflammation. The joint is hot, painful, swollen, its mobilization limited.

You must consult your doctor quickly, the functional prognosis of the joint is at stake.

The diagnosis is facilitated by knowing the point of penetration of the germ into the body, such as a wound for example, or of a known infection at a distance, such as urinary tract infection or gonorrhea.

A bacteriological investigation is urgently required, on the blood, urine, joint puncture fluid. The direct examination, the culture, the antibiogram are systematically carried out.

Pending the results, the joint is immobilized by bivalve plaster, an antibiotic treatment instituted, then adapted according to the bacteriological result and the sensitivity of the germ. This antibiotic therapy is extended for several weeks.

Any infectious arthritis must be treated early, or risk further sequelae. Treated on time, complete and successful recovery.

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